“Your core workout made me extremely sore in ways I haven't felt in years.” - K.S.

“I just completed a series with Kim - awesome, individualized, small-group strength training!” - J.B.

“I felt great yesterday and great again today.  I feel my biceps and my pecs (i think it is the pecs), but am not sore.  Feels good to get back to work after ignoring weight training over the summer.  Thanks for a good workout and I'm looking forward to Wednesday.” - L.S.

“I went on a 3 hour kayak tour and wasn't even sore!   It was awesome.   I don't think I could have said that a couple months ago.” - S.W.

“So I just came out of a dr appt. Since I started working out with you my weight is down significantly as is my blood pressure. My BP has never been high, it was 124/85 last visit. But it freaked me out because it was high for me. Today it was 117/70. My dr asked what I'd been doing. I said "exercising". Thank you for being such a wonderful motivator and friend. I hope I can make this kind of difference in someone's life.” - K.L.

“I think I hate you. My arms were so pathetic last night I could not reach my wine.  Just reaching off the couch to pick it up was dangerous.This morning I hurt from my where my neck meets my shoulders down my arms to the elbows (not including the elbows) and down my back ribs.  Like I'm wearing fairy wings made of bricks.  That's the mental image I've had all day.  And I blame you. And my sides ache from the teapots. But I slept like a baby. See you Monday for more.” - K.M.


“Kim, interesting class today I am glad I was able to come.  I am feeling the rolling tonight mainly on my back.  I need to do some yoga or something and more on my flexibility some.” - P.H.

“Kim is an excellent trainer! She is extremely knowledgable and very motivating! Kim always has a positive, encouraging attitude! If you want a great workout, I would highly recommend her!” - M.G.

“Kim is a fantastic trainer! She does a great job of creating challenging workouts while being mindful of individual's abilities. She is very encouraging and down to earth...she makes everyone she trains feel at ease. I highly recommend working out with Kim!” - M.L.

“I work out with Kim 2x a week. We work on strength training primarily. She has also advised me on using my heart rate monitor during cardio. Working with Kim is great. She is educational and encouraging. No yelling. No nagging. Just working with a caring professional who guides me through exercise. Exactly what I wanted! Kim keeps in touch regularly via text, email and FB. Scheduling is easy and payment is simple.” - K.M.

“I just wanted to thank you and tell you that it was nice to meet you yesterday.  I am a little sore today but really looking forward to getting started on my journey!  The best part is my son was so proud of me!!!  Thank you for your time, I look forward to seeing you next week.” - S.W. 

“Definitely felt the lifting in my shoulders and top part of my back.  Definitely like mixing it up the routine and seemed like an all over workout with the lifting and floor exercises together.  I was surprised at my pulse getting up to 154.”- P.H.